Happy 4th Birthday, Walker!!

Happy Birthday, Walker!  We love you so much!!  I seriously cannot believe you are 4 years old!

Apparently Walker is taking after his dad and celebrating “birthday week”.  It started with ice skating on Sunday.  It took him a little while to get it, but by the end he was able to do it on his own a little bit.  Yay, Walker!

Then we had a party at school on Tuesday.  We were planning to do it on his actual birthday, but the weather did not cooperate.  He loved it!


Then on Wednesday, since it was a “snow day” (with no snow), the kids got to stay home with daddy.  They had lots of fun, apparently.  We gave him his big present before I left for work, a bike.  Then when I got home he got his other present, a scooter.  This boy loves his ride on toys and rode the scooter around the house the rest of the afternoon, except when he took time off to play Candyland®.





Tomorrow we will have a family party at home.  Again, we were planning to have that on his actual birthday, but the weather did not cooperate.  Walker helped me bake the cake for it on Tuesday.  When I told him I wanted to take a picture, he started using the cake spatula as a pirate sword. Boys!


Bye Bye

So, we are pretty sure Jackson has a first word – “bye bye”.  He has said it repeatedly while waving several times now.  It is really adorable.  He also loves to clap these days, which I took a great video of that I will share with you all later (I need Jeremy’s help with that).  Also, sorry there is no picture with this post.  I will add one of those later as well.  Just wanted to document my baby’s first word!

On the move

Jackson is starting to move around more and looks like he might want to crawl (which would be a new thing in our house since Walker never did).  Right now he mainly scoots around on the floor, turns in circles, and pushes himself backwards.  It means he often ends up under furniture.  Luckily he (usually) seems to be ok with it. (Sorry some of these pics are blurry).






9 Month Check-Up

Jackson went for his 9 month check up last week and, as suspected, he is a big boy.  What we did not suspect, though, was that he is in a higher percentile for height than for weight – apparently we have a long skinny boy! (His adorably pudgy thighs beg to differ, of course ☺).  So, here are his stats – 21lbs 14oz (75th percentile), 30 in long (98th percentile), and his head is 18in (not sure the percentile there, but it is on the charts, which is more than can be said for his brother at that age).  His height is exactly the same as Walker’s and his weight is only a few ounces off.  Apparently we have some big boys in our house!

Overall, though, he is a happy, healthy, growing, and totally adorable boy!

The first picture here is from our lake trip last weekend (so fun, by the way!).  The second is from the doctor’s office and shows just how long and skinny he is.



Jackson Lately

So, as is typical for 2nd children, we don’t do nearly as many updates on Jackson’s progress as we did on Walker.  I apologize for that.  Here is an update on Jackson over the last few weeks.

The big development is that he has gotten VERY good at sitting up.  This really started at Calloway, which was at the beginning of June, and he has only gotten better since then.  The picture below is from about a week after Callaway.  He is not able to get from laying down to sitting, yet, but we are working on it.  He has started rolling across the room a little to get what he wants, but not too much.


Him sitting up has led to a huge development in my life – I can now take both of my kids to the grocery store! It has made things much easier around here.


Jackson has also had a few ailments.  First, he got a rash on his neck from drooling and had to go get a cream from the doctor.  Then, he got pink eye and while we are at the doctor we found out he also had an ear infection.  This is the first ear infection we have had to deal with as parents (Walker has never had one), but luckily it was not a bad one.  He never even had a fever.  He also had a great time playing with the paper at the doctor’s office.  I wish I had gotten a video, but these pictures will have to suffice (sorry about my thumb in the second picture).



He is still very much enjoying solid food and getting pretty good at picking it up and actually eating some.  It is a VERY messy process, though.


The sitting up has led to him lunging for more things that he can put in his mouth, including his awesome big brother, whom he loves more and more every day.  Nobody can make him laugh quite as well as Walker.


All in all, he is a happy, growing boy!

(Look for more posts soon about summer activities, sorry for the lack of them so far!)

The Fire Truck

Walker went to a birthday party recently where a fire truck visited.  He got to get into the front and back and was very excited.



But little did they realize that was just the beginning.  They also got to go for a ride!  It was awesome!  Walker rode in the back with his friend James and Jeremy got to stand.  They rode around the neighborhood and even rode by a house that had burned down so Walker now also talks about actually putting out a fire.  It was a very cool birthday party!



The Wagon

Yaya bought Walker a new wagon recently and Walker (and Jackson) love it!  Lilly does not.



By the way, all the walls come off and the wagon turns into a flatbed, which Walker can then load sticks, etc. onto.  All he has wanted to do for the last week is play with the it.  He seriously loves it.  Thanks, Yaya!


Jackson got 2 bottom teeth about 2 weeks ago.  I have tried so many times to get a good picture of his teeth and cannot seem to do so, so here are 2 good pictures of him (the first from 2 weeks ago, the second from 2 days ago).  You will just have to imagine the teeth.

IMG_3579 IMG_3618



Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  Easter began here with a visit from the Easter Bunny, who brought both kids some new books and some candy.  Then the Wamsteds came over and we had an Easter egg hunt in the front yard.  The kids were really excited about it and found lots of eggs (except Simon, who was very happy with his one egg and threw a fit if you tried to put that egg in his basket).  As Kira put it, John found 98, Walker found 99, and she found 100 (not true of course, we did not hide nearly that many eggs, but you get the point).








After that we tried to take a cousin picture, but it was hard to get one where they were all looking at the camera.  We thought the steps would be a great idea, not realizing that they would all be on different steps.  Oh well!  This was for you, Yaya and Pop pop!


Then we tried family pictures.  The Wamsted kids had trouble taking one because they were eating candy.  In ours, Walker had finished his candy, but insisted on holding Jackson so it did not turn out that well.  Oh well, we tried.



Then we had a wonderful Easter meal of hot dogs with the Wamsteds and took a nap.

After nap, we headed to the Caseys, where Walker got a train (his favorite!) and Jackson got a hat (among other things).



Then we tried another family photo with only slightly better results.  Nona and Grandpa had much better luck taking pictures with the kids than we did.



Then Walker got to have ANOTHER Easter egg hunt, but this time he got money (thank goodness, since we have so much candy).  Overall, we had a great Easter and now have TONS of Easter candy and leftover cupcakes to eat!  Happy Easter!