Easter 2015

The kids participated in three different Easter Egg Hunts this year. We started things off at school.  Jackson was on the little kid playground while Walker was racking up on the big kid’s playground.



After hair cuts for both kids, we were ready for the next hunt at Nona and Grandpa’s house. I took on the task of chauffeuring Jackson around the yard. He’d point at an egg, I’d lean him over so he could grab it, and then he’d put it in his bag.  He was pleased.


Walker had no such problems and made us hide the eggs a second time in harder locations.


Finally, off to YaYa and Pop Pop’s to find eggs with the Wamsteds.


Just about every attempt at a family or brother photo turned out poorly all weekend. So you end up with things like Walker putting his basket on Jackson’s head.


And then Jackson thinking that’s what you’re supposed to do


Happy Easter from the Casey’s!

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