Walker at Fripp

Walker also had a great time at Fripp Island. We didn’t get great pictures of some highlights like bike rides, golf cart rides, and packs and packs of deer just hanging out. ¬†But what we do have are pictures of Walker having a great time with his cousins and brother.



A trip to get ice cream with the money that Baba sent for each of her six great grandchildren.


The ice cream shop also had a statue of a pirate in the back. So everyone yell AARRRRRGGGHGHHHHHHH!!!!!!


Walker has informed us that his favorite thing to do now is to have snack by bodies of water.


Superhero Camp. Teachers Mr. Rand and Ms. Wamsted instructed their younger pupils about being super heroes. On the table is every superhero book that we collectively took to the beach. On the sofa are their stuffed animals. Walker later informed us that they practiced punching them. Simon was apparently the class clown and had wandered off at this point.  Uncle Jay overheard the following conversation:

Ms Wamsted: Now does anyone have any questions?

Walker: (raises his hand)

Ms. Wamsted: Yes Walker

Walker: Why do monkeys like bananas so much?

Ms. Wamsted: That’s a very good question Walker….. (changes subject)


One of Walker’s goals for the week was to bury someone in the sand. I finally decided to step up.


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