First Haircut

Walker got his first haircut a few weeks ago (sorry, we are a little behind on posts).  We went to a kid’s haircut place and Walker sat in a fire truck, which was very exciting for him.  The lady who cut his hair also gave him some animal crackers and that was all he cared about the rest of the time.  The actual haircut took about 5 min and then it was time for us to go.  Walker would not leave until he finished his animal crackers and even then he wanted to stay and play with the train.  Overall, it was a good experience and Walker seemed to enjoy his first haircut!

Here is a before, during, and after picture.  You can see Walker eating animal crackers in the before one.  Also, for you Riverwood folks, do you recognize the people in the first picture?  I had not seen them since high school.  Random




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