Jackson Walking

On the Tuesday after Easter (April 7th), Jackson decided to really show off his new found walking skills. Up until that point, he had mainly walked at school. In the past couple of weeks, he’s improved even more and is able to walk halfway across the house/yard before falling. He missed out on walking around the Easter Egg Hunts, but he is having a blast anyway.

Easter 2015

The kids participated in three different Easter Egg Hunts this year. We started things off at school.  Jackson was on the little kid playground while Walker was racking up on the big kid’s playground.



After hair cuts for both kids, we were ready for the next hunt at Nona and Grandpa’s house. I took on the task of chauffeuring Jackson around the yard. He’d point at an egg, I’d lean him over so he could grab it, and then he’d put it in his bag.  He was pleased.


Walker had no such problems and made us hide the eggs a second time in harder locations.


Finally, off to YaYa and Pop Pop’s to find eggs with the Wamsteds.


Just about every attempt at a family or brother photo turned out poorly all weekend. So you end up with things like Walker putting his basket on Jackson’s head.


And then Jackson thinking that’s what you’re supposed to do


Happy Easter from the Casey’s!

Pedal by Pedal

Walker got a big boy bike for his 4th birthday. It’s a little big for him and our first two attempts in our parking lot left us thinking he might need to grow a little.

Today we went down the street to the bigger and flatter parking lot.  Walker got things figured out pretty quickly.  We were very proud of him and he had a great time. Now he just needs to work on smoothing out his starts and stops.

4 year and 15 month checkups

The 4 year old (a.k.a Captain America). He is 43 lbs (90th percentile) and 42 in (between the 75th and 90th percentile).  He is very excited to be 4.  This picture is of him at his family birthday party.  Thanks Yaya for the awesome costume!


The 15th month old (although he is really 16 mo in this picture as it was taken today).  He is 24 lbs, 6oz and 31 3/4 in, which is the 75th percentile across the board.  He learned to pull up a few days after his check-up and now does so constantly, which means we have had to clear all surfaces in our house.  Next step – walking!


Both are happy and healthy boys!!

January Recap


We had an eventful January. In addition to Jackson getting his first haircut, we also had some home repairs to deal with. A leaky pipe ruined our kitchen floor and walls and forced us to move out for a week and set up shop with the Rands. Walker was a big fan of the fireplaces.


Jasper was a big fan of how much food Jackson spills


Jackson enjoyed having different toys to play with


Eventually we were able to move back in and resume our regular activity. Which in the winter means all the Caseys wear black fleeces.


We closed out the month by heading back to the Rand’s for Pop Pop’s birthday. The kids quickly remembered where their favorite toys were.


So This Is Christmas

Starting Christmas Day, illness worked it’s way through our family. Annie caught the cold first, then me, then Jackson, and finally Walker. The sniffles lasted us well through New Year’s Day. We came up for air for a couple days before having to move out while our kitchen floor was replaced. Which is the explanation for why we’re posting Christmas pictures on January 11th.

The kids were both thrilled with the presents Santa brought them.


This is the new tow truck Walker got pulling him in the car that Jackson got for his birthday


Then Nona and Grandpa came over


Then we headed over to Yaya and Pop Pop’s house. Receiving swords on Christmas also comes with great responsibility. Chet, John, and Walker are learning all about honor and brotherhood.


On the Move

During December, Jackson has graduated from the army crawl he’s been using recently to a legit crawl.He’s moved to a new class at daycare and the improvement is coming quickly. As parents, we are very proud. As a brother, Walker is adjusting to all of his toys now being in peril.

Next, we started working on using a walking toy. He’s already improved a good bit since we took this video.

December Fun!

We’ve had a lot of fun already this December in preparation for Christmas. We kicked things off with a party for Yaya. But that’s not pictured here. This is Jackson playing with the balloons that Yaya brought over for the kid’s sleepover. While the adults were partying at the Wamsteds house, the Wamsted and Casey cousins had a sleepover at our house. IMG_5167

Then it was time to get a Christmas tree


Walker has a Thomas ornament that apparently can get coupled up with even more trains. He’s pretty jazzed about it


Both kids also took part in the daycare’s holiday sing. Jackson’s class mainly just gets pushed around for the adoring crowd in a stroller.


Walker’s class dressed up and sang I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.


We went with the Chasteens to the Botanical Gardens to see the model trains and ride on the train. Walker took Mark under his wing and showed him around the same way I do with Michael.