Gone to Lunch

Walker and Annie came down and met me at work for lunch on Wednesday. It was Walker’s first time at a restaurant and we headed over to Cafe at the Corner. Which is the place to eat in Hapeville if you’re ever killing time near the airport. Walker did a great job and slept through the entire lunch while we enjoyed a delicious meal.

Annie and Walker out front

Walker’s shirt, pants, and “shoes”

A close up of the socks with shoes printed on them

Play Mat

Walker recently received a play mat as a gift and loves it! It has become his regular morning activity. He likes to wiggle on it and is starting to figure out that when things above him move, it is because he moved it. The only downside is that to get the mobile to move, it has to play music and I cannot get “Skip to My Lou” out of my head!

He also smiles a lot while he is on the mat, so here was another attempt to get a picture of it.  We are getting close!

Tummy Time

Each day Walker has study sessions on Calculus and Constitutional Law. In addition to his academic studies he also commits an equal amount of time to honing his physical abilities. Though he usually hates it, Walker has to spend a little time on his stomach each day so he can strengthen his neck muscles and stimulate crawling. In these photos Walker has worked past the burn and discovered the euphoric side of exercising.

Hanging with the Fam

After attending his cousin Kira’s birthday gathering last weekend Walker made it known to us that he’d like to attend more birthday parties. Luckily for him it was time to celebrate his Grandpa’s birthday the very next weekend. Walker decided that his birthday gift would be to sleep the entire time he was there. Not very exciting but conveniently low maintenance.

He also went over to Yaya and Pop Pop’s house to pay a quick visit. This photo captures the first meeting of Walker James Casey and James Walker Dickey. James now refers to Walker as Mini-me.

One Month Old

Walker was one month old on Friday!  We went to the doctor for his check-up and he weighs 10 lbs 11.8 oz and is 22.25 in. long.  That means he has grown an inch and gained 2 lbs 7.2 oz since birth.  However, he has gained just over 3 lbs since we last went to the doctor 3 weeks ago!


Things Walker has slept through:
– Every walk he’s been on.
– A trip to the drive-thru at The Varsity
– His dad yelling while watching buzzer beaters in the NCAA tourney

Things Walker doesn’t like sleeping through:
– 3-6am

Though when Walker does get to sleep, he’s out cold. And sometimes he snores.

Despite all of that noise, Lilly does hang around sometimes while he’s sleeping. And in turn, Walker doesn’t wake up when Lilly barks at everything that walks by our house.