Jackson’s Birthday Party (and stats)

First some bookkeeping. Jackson checked in at 23 lbs 12 oz and 30 3/8 inches at his one year checkup. So roughly a pound less and a inch shorter than Walker at the same age.

On to more exciting events, we had several friends and family over for Jackson’s birthday. It was a wild time with a lot of young uns running around a crowded house. Jackson started things off by checking out his new car. Walker is nice enough to push around occasionally.


As close as we get to a good family picture


Woah! Guys! These cupcakes are amazing.


Jackson also got his own chair just like big brother.


Auburn Trip 2014

A few weekends ago we went down to Auburn for our yearly fall trip with my parents. You can compare the first picture below with our last three years of Samford Hall photos.


Among the fun things Walker did while tailgating was hiding with Anna under the tables and then having a picnic.


Jackson was amused with just the tape we used to mark off the tailgating spot


We pretty much plan our entire weekend around making sure we get to see Aubie. It’s like meeting Santa Claus but better.


Trying to Crawl

Jackson is working on crawling. He can’t quite put it all together yet, but he’s kinda got an army crawl going and can get to something he desperately wants.

This next one is pretty long. It’s two days later and Jackson is following Walker around the room as much as possible. At this rate, it’s not going to be long until he gets the hang of it.

New Jackson Tricks

Jackson is starting to learn some tricks. Clapping was his first big feat. Of course, he’s confused it with the “all done” sign and now just claps when he is done with dinner. Since his hands are usually covered in food, this makes for a very messy end to dinner.

He’s also started to stand up a little if we give him support. For the previous couple of months we would hold him above the ground and he would lift his legs all the way up. Which is actually kind of impressive.


At the start of this video you can kind of see Jackson’s (and maybe all kids) fascination with being able to actually move large things like chairs. But really we wanted to show this video because this really illustrates what life is like around the house right now. Jackson happily cooing and bouncing up and down while Walker talks and acts out silly nonsense.

Fourth of July Lake Trip

Our traditional 4th of July lake trip was a blast. Lots of fun times with cousins and the extended Rand/Dickey/Jones clan. It’s basically non-stop action and even meals are an adventure.



Cousin time



The boys also had fun playing with grandparents, aunts, and uncles.



On Saturday we got ready for the boat parade. All the boats on lake get decorated, line up, and take a leisurely float past boat houses of celebratory Americans. The winds of freedom helped guide us over the cool waters of liberty.


The big news for the weekend is that Walker really advanced as a swimmer. Wearing his “puddle jumper” floatation device, he started swimming in the lake all by himself. The progress over a five day weekend was startling.



We tried to cap the weekend with a set of family photos. It’s a bit of challenge these days.